Purgatory - Book One of the Purgatory Trilogy                                                           

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Purgatory – Book One of the Purgatory Trilogy

Written and Narrated by J. Costa

Dave - a serial killer, is tortured by memories of his lost love, Mya and by his obsession for the beauties of life. In 1997 he travels to East Texas with ill intentions for a priest responsible for the relocation of clergy guilty of child molestation. Kidnapping the guilty priest he nicknames "Judas", he persuades him through threats and a hollow promise, to help him locate and punish the deviant priests, thus avenging the innocents who could not defend themselves. 

Dave's recklessness leads them on a convoluted journey across the country. As Dave drags Judas to what he feels is their final destiny, these two drastically different individuals begin to see they are more alike than not. Dave appears to be imprisoned in his past, as he claws away at his present. Judas thought he was at peace with his past actions, only to discover through his conversations with Dave that he is just as tortured. 

An unlikely pact develops between the serial killer and the priest. Haunted by the loves and sins of one another's pasts, the two form a strange bond as their personalities dangerously influence one another. 

In Audiobook format, composed with sound effects and music, this mystery-thriller awards the listener an auditory experience equivalent to that of cinema.




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